Paragon Scholarship

Paragon is an Indonesia beauty company with the purpose of creating a greater good for the society through innovation. Paragon supports college students by breaking down barriers, opening doors, and offering access to college scholarships.

Paragon Scholarship Program:

  1. Beasiswa Prestasi : A scholarship program to support high achieving students to continue learning and developing themselves
  2. Beasiswa Pemberdayaan : Tuition assistance for prospective students with good academic potential to foster the spirit of learning
  3. Beasiswa Tugas Akhir: Final assignment research grants for final-year students


  1. Second year student from 9 main universities: UI, UGM, ITB, UNPAD, UB, UNDIP, IPB, Telkom University and ITS.
  2. GPA > 3.3
  3. Grantee are to be recommended by university according to their financial capacity
  4. Not receiving another scholarship
  5. Willing to be Paragon Agent (representative) to their respective university
  6. Committed to all Paragon Scholarship Program.


  • Tuition fee until 4th year of Rp 6.250.000/semester.
  • Development Program.
  • Leadership Class.
  • Social Project Challenge.
  • Paragon Factory Visit (Grantee Prestasi)*
  • Scholarship Camp (Grantee Prestasi)*
  • Community Project Fund (maximum of Rp 50.000.000/university)*
  • Paragon Close Recruitment

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