Dazzling Pencak Silat Performance by Al Mizan Modern Islamic Boarding School at the World Youth Festival 2023 Opening Ceremony

Kuala Lumpur, [25 July 2023] – The opening ceremony of the 2023 World Youth Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was electrified with an air of pride and excitement as Ahmad Ghallab Fatawa from the Al Mizan Modern Islamic Boarding School mesmerized the audience with his breathtaking pencak silat performance. The extraordinary display left delegates from 11 countries in awe and admiration.

Aldi Subakti, the chairman of the World Youth Festival, expressed his utmost appreciation and admiration for Ahmad Ghallab Fatawa’s remarkable performance. In his speech, Aldi highlighted the significance of preserving and showcasing cultural traditions to the world, and how young talents like Ahmad are exemplary in this endeavor.

“What Ahmad Ghallab Fatawa showcased today was truly exceptional. Not only did he demonstrate skill in pencak silat, but he also conveyed the beauty and wisdom of our cultural heritage. We are immensely proud and inspired by the courage of youths like Ahmad, who not only cherish our culture but also fearlessly present its uniqueness and richness to delegates from diverse nations,” said Aldi enthusiastically.

Ahmad Ghallab Fatawa’s performance transcended beyond martial arts, becoming a platform for youth from all corners of the globe to connect, appreciate, and explore the diverse cultures represented. The spirit of diversity emanating from his presentation serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding and celebrating differences as pillars of global unity.

With Ahmad Ghallab Fatawa’s captivating display and the active participation of youth from various nations, this festival truly celebrates diversity and embraces the spirit of unity, setting the stage for a brighter future ahead.

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