Empowering Global Youth: Istanbul Youth Summit Welcomes 38 Ambassadors from 8 Countries

Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS), the dynamic international platform fostering youth empowerment and collaboration, proudly introduces the appointment of 38 Ambassadors representing 8 diverse nations. This eclectic group of Ambassadors embodies the spirit of cross-cultural unity, setting the stage for the upcoming IYS 2024 event.

Originating from Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, India, and beyond, these 38 Ambassadors have been meticulously chosen for their exceptional leadership prowess, unwavering commitment to positive change, and dedication to propelling sustainable development. These emerging leaders will act as vital bridges connecting their communities to the global discourse on innovation and collaboration.

Beyond mere representation, the Ambassador program provides a unique opportunity for these exceptional youth to elevate their skills, broaden their networks, and contribute meaningfully to shaping global dialogues on pivotal matters. Along their journey, they will collaborate with experts, engage in stimulating discussions, and cultivate initiatives in harmony with IYS’s mission of inspiring positive transformation.

The impact of this Ambassador initiative will culminate at the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024, slated from March 4 – 7, 2024. This event will converge youth, educators, experts, and catalysts for change to exchange ideas, fuel collaboration, and jointly tackle the pressing challenges of our era.

For further insights into the Istanbul Youth Summit and to acquaint yourself with our dedicated Ambassadors, kindly explore www.istanbulyouthsummit.com and follow our journey on Instagram @istanbulyouthsummit.

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