University of Pisa DSU Scholarship 2023-24 in Italy

The fully-funded scholarship in Italy for international students is aimed at constructing your dreams on the rocks of reality. This scholarship is free from any hindrance, no matter where you belong to. The University conducts research in green and blue sciences while measuring environmental, economic, and social impacts to make a sustainable world. The main domains of the study include energy, renewable energy systems, nuclear facilities, battery and electric vehicles, green chemistry, biomaterials, sustainable agriculture, climate change, and biodiversity. Moreover, it focuses on providing innovative solutions to challenges such as inequality, social justice, communication, migration, and natural disasters through globalizing and digitizing the leading societies.

Students can apply for the scholarship provided by the Agenzia Regionale Diritto allo Studio Universitario – DSU is the agency for the University Study Right of the Tuscany Regional Council (Regione Toscana)

Benefits of the University of Pisa DSU Scholarship in Italy:

  • Free accommodation is granted.
  • Free meals at the University dining halls are provided.
  • Extra expenses including sporting activities, books, etc. will be covered.
  • Exemption from University tuition fees is facilitated.

Eligibility Criteria of the University of Pisa DSU Scholarship:

  • Students from foreign countries, EU, and Non-EU belonging countries can apply.
  • Students who are planning to get admission to the University of Pisa can apply.
  • Students who are already enrolled at the University of Pisa can apply.
  • Students, whose documentation will be cleared according to the legal requirements, would be preferred.
  • Students fulfilling the criteria of academic merit will be considered.
  • No age limit is specified.
  • No racial discrimination is facilitated.
  • No regional constraint.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the University of Pisa DSU Scholarship 2023/2024 in Italy is September 06, 2023.


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