What is Erasmus+ Youth Exchange? 

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We’ve all heard this Erasmus+, which we’ve either taken part in or certainly benefited from someone in our circles, is the largest and most budget-friendly grants program in the European Union.

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is a European Union grant program that runs between 2021-2027 and covers the fields of education, youth and sports. Erasmus+ Program, It aims to enable people to acquire new skills, ensure their personal development and increase employment opportunities.

There are subprograms related to education, youth and sports as branches of the Erasmus+ program which are collected under the main heading. Among these sub-programs, the one we hear most often is Higher Education Student Mobility. The exchange program at the university is Erasmus.

However, the Erasmus+ program is not just about Erasmus “schools”. There are many programs available under the Erasmus+ umbrella.

What is the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange?

Youth Exchange, organized under the umbrella of the Erasmus+ Program, provides young people from different countries and cultures with the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions on a designated topic (each project has a topic). This is a mobility project that benefits young people, but does not require educational and foreign language requirements, and where you participate as a group during short-term activities (can vary between 5-21 days depending on the project).

To do Erasmus in Higher Education Student Mobility, you need to fulfill many conditions. There are conditions such as succeeding in the Erasmus language exam, maintaining a GPA above a certain point, and having educational requirements. However, there is no such obligation in the Youth Exchange project.

Youth exchange projects; He organizes organizations such as youth groups (founded by at least 5 young people) or youth associations.

Note: There is no requirement to be a member of the sending organization/association to participate in youth exchange projects. However, participants must have knowledge of the project subject.

When you are involved in a youth exchange project; You take part in workshops, training, group studies, and outdoor activities on specific topics with participants from other program countries or neighboring partner countries.

What conditions are not required to participate in youth exchange projects?

  1. There are no requirements to be a student.
  2. There are no education level requirements.
  3. There are no language level requirements. (but it is important that you know enough to express yourself in activities)

Is there an age limit for youth exchange? How many people participate? How long is the project duration? What costs are covered?

  1. Anyone between the ages of 18-30 can take part in the youth exchange project. There are team leaders from each country. There is no age limit for team leaders.
  2. The duties of the group leader are; To ensure communication between the group and the host and to ensure communication coordination in case of questions or concerns.
  3. In a youth exchange project, partners from at least 2 programs or neighboring partner countries (youth groups, youth associations, etc.) come together, and a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 60 participants, excluding group leaders, can take part in the project.
  4. The project activity period can vary between 5-21 days.
  5. Within the scope of the project; Your travel costs, accommodation, local transportation, food, visas and project-related costs are covered.
  6. According to Erasmus+ rules, you can buy tickets 2 days before and 2 days after the project. In other words, you can visit the country and city where the project takes place 2 days before and after. For example, for projects taking place between March 3 and March 10, you can purchase return tickets on March 1 and return home on March 12. The cost of tickets you purchase on that date will be covered. However, you must be on site on the day the project starts and ends and you must participate fully.

What are the conditions for participating in the project?

To participate in the project, you can follow the sending organization’s page. As Erasmusgram, we share projects published by various institutions. You can also access opportunities by joining Erasmusgram. If the subject of the project interests you and you feel like you are a good fit for the project, you should apply before the project deadline. Project applications are generally made on forms. A Europass CV and motivation letter can also be requested.

Participants who will be selected among the applications can also be determined only through the form. If an institution does not feel that a form alone is sufficient, it can conduct a telephone interview or request a Skype interview.

You may be asked to prove the information you provided when applying. So it’s best to write things that can be proven in documentation or Skype. In short, being honest is rewarding.

When submitting your application, please write in detail your reasons for participating in the project, your motivation, why the project interests you, and the contribution you will make.

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