Here are 5 tips you need to know before going on holiday to Turkey!

Here are 5 tips you need to know before going on holiday to Turkey!

Turkey is a popular destination, especially for Indonesian travelers seeking an overseas vacation. Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey boasts a rich blend of Western and Eastern cultures, both classical and modern. This cultural fusion is evident in the architectural concept, combining Middle Eastern and European styles.

Beyond its cultural allure, Turkey’s natural beauty offers an extraordinary experience for potential tourists. For Muslim travelers, Turkey features numerous beautiful and historic mosques, providing both a spiritual journey and insights into Islamic history.

If you’re planning to visit Turkey, it’s essential to prepare the following things to ensure your holiday runs smoothly:

1. Knowing the Habits of Turkish People:

Turkish people generally share a friendly attitude similar to Indonesians. They might invite tourists for coffee or tea at their homes. Learning some Turkish phrases can help you blend in and enhance your experience in Türkiye.

2. Always Carry a Different Currency:

Carrying a different currency can be helpful if you run out of cash. You can exchange foreign currency for Turkish Lira if needed. While Turkey has many ATMs, some may not accept foreign bank cards, and conversion costs can be high. Ensure you have cash, an ATM card, or credit cards and keep them in a secure place.

3. Dress Modestly:

Turkey is a country with a blend of Western and Eastern cultures. Pay attention to your clothing to ensure modesty, as Turkish people often adhere to dress etiquette.

4. Choose the Best Period for Your Vacation:

Optimal travel periods recommended by various travel sites are October, September, May, or April. Summer temperatures can be very high, and visiting during May or April allows you to experience events like the tulip festival and Turkish film festival.

5. Utilize a Plane or Bus:

Finding the right mode of transportation is crucial for a comfortable and efficient holiday. Consider using buses or coaches to travel between cities, and mini-buses called dolmus for shorter distances. If budget allows, flying can save time.

These tips will help you prepare for a delightful trip to Turkey. If you’re interested in joining other young people from around the world, consider participating in the Istanbul Youth Summit in February 2024 with Youth Break The Boundaries. Register at or contact IYS Admin at

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