Top 10 Japan Scholarships for International Students

Following is the list of the top 10 Japan Scholarships for International Students:

1) Joint Japan/ World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program.

The Government of Japan and the World Bank have jointly introduced the scholarship for undergraduate, graduate, and PhD degree programs. If you have professional experience in the related field of interest and you want to make a significant impact on your community, you are eligible to apply for this prestigious scholarship. This opportunity covers many popular universities in Japan including the University of Tokyo, Meiji University, Keijo University, and others. If you have worked in the development sector, you will be preferred. The tuition fee, monthly stipend, round trip airfare ticket, traveling allowance, and health insurance are all covered under this outstanding opportunity.

For more details, visit: the World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program.

2) Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship Program.

The Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship Program is designed for international students and provides multiple scholarships with huge benefits. If you want to pursue a post-graduation degree in any of the following fields: Science, Economics, Technology, Management, and other related field, you should not miss taking this chance. The fully-funded international scholarship is granted by renowned Japanese universities and their partner institutes, including the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyushu University, and Koyoto University. It will cover the 100% tuition fee and provide you with the monthly allowance, medical issuance, books allowance, and traveling allowance. to be held eligible for the scholarship, you must have completed your undergraduate degree and enroll yourself in a Master’s degree program. Moreover, you must show commitment to contribute to the developments worldwide after completing your degree.

For more details visit: ADB Japan Scholarship.

3) Yokohama National University Scholarship Program for International Students

The Yokohama National University Scholarship Program is designed to facilitate students from developing countries to come and take admission at any of the following degree levels: Bachelor, Graduate, and Doctoral. This fully funded scholarship is sponsored by the World Bank and the Government of Japan through the Joint Japan or World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. A monthly allowance of 152,000 Yen, a traveling allowance of 500 US dollars, and a round-trip airfare ticket to Japan are all covered under the scholarship package. Moreover, entrance examination fees, admission test fees, and tuition fees are also covered. You should not wait for a second and apply now as per your desire to continue your studies abroad.

For more info, visit the YNU Scholarship in Japan.

4) Japan Foundation United Nations University Scholarship Program

Japan Foundation United Nations University Scholarship Program is designed for international students from all over the globe. It is based on providing financial assistance to those students who are brilliant and secured excellent academic scores, but their financial means do not allow them to fly in the sky. You can continue your studies in the areas of development, peace, science, and sustainability, at United Nations University in Japan. You will get a monthly living allowance of Yen 150,000 for 24 months. Moreover, this scholarship will cover your travel costs to and from Japan, visa costs, and health, and insurance costs.

For more details visit: JFUNU Scholarships in Japan for International Students

5) JASSO Scholarships for International Students in Japan

This international scholarship opportunity by Japan is sponsored by the Student Services Organization. JASSO intends to support international candidates in Japan through such scholarships. Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship is one of the amazing opportunities under this program for students who are enrolled in junior college, Japanese University, Graduate school, and College of Technology. Further, the students enrolled in specialized training courses, advanced courses, or preparatory courses are also entitled to this scholarship. The monthly stipend with 12 12-month grants is given. The other scholarship is the Student Exchange Support Program, which is valid for candidates enrolled in any Japanese University. The stipend is given under this exchange support program also.

For more info visit: the JASSO Scholarship

6) Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarships

The Mitsubishi Corporation Scholarship is offered in collaboration with Japan Educational Exchange and Services every year. It aims to support international students to continue their higher educational degrees in Japan. The scholarship supports students, enrolled in Graduation programs, Bachelor’s programs, or Doctoral programs. A monthly stipend of a handsome amount is given to the selected students. You should not be a recipient of this scholarship in previous years to be eligible for this scholarship. You must exhibit an excellent academic record, and a passion to contribute towards the development of the international community, and should be mentally and physically fit to apply for this remarkable opportunity.

For more details visit: Mitsubishi Scholarships

7) Japan Africa Dream Scholarship Program.

Do you want to study in an East Asian country? The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship Program offers several scholarships to selected students. If you are a resident of an African Development member country, with a minimum of one year of paid employment in your home country or other African countries after completing your undergraduate degree in no more than the previous three years, you are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship will provide you with a grant of tuition fee, a living stipend per month, a round-trip airfare ticket, a traveling allowance, and health insurance to pursue your degree with ease. Please note that this global scholarship is available for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral levels.Ezoic

For more info visit: Japan Africa Scholarships.

8) Honjo International Scholarship Program

The Honjo International Scholarship Program in Japan is available for international students to aid them in pursuing their education in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degree programs. Students of any nationality and all regional backgrounds are encouraged to take admissions through the Honjo International Foundation. Here, you can apply for any of the academic fields of your interest. All you need is to have the potential to become a charismatic leader who can contribute to the development of society by peaceful means. If you meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarship, you must apply now! For a 1- or 2-year degree program, you will be entitled to Yen 200,000 per month. For 3 3-year program, you will be given Yen 180,000 per month. For a 4 to 5-year program, you will be entitled to Yen 150,000 per month.

For more details visit: Honjo Scholarships

9) University of Tsukuba Scholarships for International Students.

The University of Tsukuba Scholarships for International Students is also one of the best opportunities through the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. Students from developing countries are encouraged to get the privilege of studying at an international university. This scholarship aims to promote international development in the social and economic areas of developing and socialist countries through a trans-disciplinary approach to development. The focus of this global scholarship program is to provide grants to those students whose area of interest is Economic and Public Policy. The total span of the scholarship is 18 months in which you will be able to learn the training and development skills for conceptualizing ideas, implementation, and designing of development policies.

For more info, visit: the University of Tsukuba Scholarships.

10) Kochi University of Technology Scholarship Program.

Kochi University of Technology, one of the prestigious universities of Japan, is offering a tremendous opportunity to the intellectual minds every year in October and April. The students dreaming of continuing their higher studies in international universities are greeted wholeheartedly to climb their academic ladders. The Kochi University offers study at all levels, from undergraduate to Ph.D. Being located on the southern island of Shikoku, this scholarship program waives entrance examination fees, tuition fees, enrollment fees, traveling costs, and initial living expenses. The most attractive feature for international students is to provide them with 150,000 Yen per month for their research project work.

For more details, visit the Kochi University of Technology Scholarship.

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