The Athens University in Greece will host a three-day award ceremony at the end of this global award competition. The University of Surrey is known as one of the best universities in Greece. The university provides life-changing education and research opportunities to students. World Trade Organization is the only international organization that deals with the regulations and standards of trade between different nations. The WTO is trying to create a smoother trade flow by making delivery accessible and easier. World Trade Organization (WTO) is a huge organization facilitating open trade for every nation’s benefit.

More Details About the World Trade Organization Essay Competition 2024:

Host Organization : World Trade Organization (WTO).

WTO Essay Award Duration

The World Trade Organization Essay Award 2024 is for three days. The program starts from 12 September 2024 to 14 September 2024

Eligibility Criteria for the 2024 WTO Essay Award

  • The paper/essay must address the issues related to trade policy and cooperation.
  • The paper/essay should be at most 15,000 words.
  • The author should be engaged in completing his Ph.D. degree if he is under 30 years of age.
  • If the author is over 30, he should have passed at most two years in completing his last degree.
  • In the case of co-authored papers, the above two requirements shall apply to all authors.

Benefits of the WTO Essay Award 2024 in Europe

  • The author of the winning paper/essay will get a cash prize of CHF 5,000. If co-authors exist, the prize will be equally distributed to all the authors.
  • Winning WTO will announce the paper/essay at the annual meeting of ETSG (European Trade Study Group).
  • The author will get a fully funded trip to Greece to attend the international award ceremony at the Athens University in Greece.
  • They will also get international recognition.
  • Opportunity to experience international experience.
  • The winning paper/essay may be published in the WTO Working Paper Series.

WTO Essay Competition 2024 Requirements:

  • CV
  • PhD degree with a year of completion

Deadine 3 June 2024

Link Apply https://www.wto.org/english/news_e/news24_e/essay_01feb24_e.htm

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