After an extensive selection process, the Istanbul Youth Summit welcomed over 200 delegates from various countries, including Yemen, Turkey, Sudan, Singapore, Poland, Russia, Oman, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mongolia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and more. Delegates had the option for self-funded or fully-funded registration and represented both individuals and institutions from their respective countries. Additionally, delegates were given the opportunity to form Social Project groups with fellow delegates, allowing them to build networks across different nations.

However, those from institutions that collaborate with Youth Break The Boundaries can get the opportunity to remain with their group if necessary. Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 also provides the opportunity for delegates to choose the sub-themes they wish to present. After that, the Youth Break The Boundaries team will distribute groups based on the delegate’s choice. The total social project groups for the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 number around 15 groups based on sub-theme choices.

For the sub-theme SDG 13: Climate Action, there are two groups; for SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being, there are two groups; SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, there are two groups; and the largest sub-theme is SDG 4: Quality Education, with four groups. Each group has a leader appointed by the Youth Break The Boundaries team, but we also allow the group to elect their leader if needed. Below are the appointed leaders for each social project group at the 2024 Istanbul Youth Summit:

Group 1 Climate Change: Gisti Nur Aisyah from Indonesia

Group 2 Climate Change: Luisana Ozdoeva from Turkiye

Group 3 Climate Change: Muhammad Zeini Abi Rahman from Indonesia

Group 4 Health and Well-being: Amira Ahmed Reja from Indonesia

Group 5 Health and Well-being : Jevlin Solim from Indonesia

Group 6 Health and Well-being : Arefa Latisya Putri Fiskiawan from Indonesia

Group 7 Quality Education : Augustine Stevis Agoha from Ghana

Group 8 Quality of Education: Vivin Zulfa Atina from Indonesia

Group 9 Quality Education: Laila soomro from Pakistan

Group 10 Quality Education : Faraj Abbasi from New Zealand

Group 11 Quality Education : Hibaturahman Althaf Widyadhana from Indonesia

Group 12 Quality Education : Nasywa Nafisatunnisaa Hidayat from Indonesia

Group 13 Decent Work and Economic Growth : Theresa Oby Bechi from Nigeria

Group 14 Decent Work and Economic Growth : Daria Maracheva from Russian Federation

Delegates will also have the chance to receive awards for outstanding performance during the event, both as part of the best group and as the best leader. Additionally, the Istanbul Youth Summit offers delegates the opportunity to serve as moderators for the event. This presents a valuable opportunity for delegates to enhance their portfolios. Make the most of this opportunity to further showcase your abilities and shine even brighter.

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