Getting to Know Jevlin Solim, Fully Funded Delegate of Istanbul Youth Summit 2024

Turkey, March 1, 2024 – The Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) will be held again this year, marking the 7th edition of this prestigious youth conference scheduled for March 4 to 7, 2024. The international conference serves as a platform for youth from diverse countries to engage in cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration, addressing significant themes such as Education, Public Health, Economy, Environment, and others. The annual event aims to encourage participants to provide solutions and innovations to tackle future global challenges.

The Istanbul Youth Summit is expected to draw hundreds of selected participants from various countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, New Zealand, and other Asian-European nations. The IYS 2024 is recorded to have around 150 participants, with 8 of them selected for fully funded delegates at IYS 2024 by Youth Break the Boundaries. The selection process, evidenced by essay submissions in English, is rigorous, requiring participants to articulate their contributions to Indonesia on the international stage.

Jevlin, a fully funded IYS 2024 delegate, expressed, “The Istanbul Youth Summit is one of the international youth conferences that significantly impacts the global community. IYS, through judges-turning ideas into reality and fostering collaboration among youth, has a future impact on society itself.” (Friday, 1/03/2024)

After successfully navigating through transparent, rigorous, and challenging stages of the IYS selection process, Jevlin Solim, currently pursuing the Erasmus Mundus ILGSPD program (International Law of Global Security, Peace, and Development) with a concentration in Law and Human Rights, emerged as one of the delegation participants for fully funded IYS activities without additional costs.

According to his, “The Istanbul Youth Summit is an ideal platform for networking, shaping self-quality, problem-solving, and enhancing soft skills. This IYS event is anticipated to have a significant positive impact on the global community in the future,” she concluded.

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