Emre Oruç, YTB Representative, Delivers Inspiring Keynote Speech at Istanbul Youth Summit 2024

Emre Oruç, a representative of the Yurtdışı Türkler ve Akraba Topluluklar Başkanlığı (YTB), was honored to present as one of the keynote speakers at the Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) 2024. As a key organizer within the YTB, Emre Oruç played a pivotal role in the event, which served as a crucial platform for global youth to engage in dialogue, collaboration, and the formulation of sustainable development strategies. During his speech, Emre Oruç emphasized the paramount importance of education and underscored the role of YTB in supporting educational development in Istanbul. Addressing various global issues pertinent to sustainable development, Emre highlighted the significant role of youth in driving positive societal change, particularly in the realm of education.

As a member of the YTB board, Emre Oruç offered valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in achieving sustainable development goals within the education sector. His speech provided a profound understanding of how collaboration among youth from diverse backgrounds can catalyze innovative and effective solutions. Emre Oruç’s presence at the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 significantly contributed to enhancing participants’ understanding and enthusiasm for actively participating in sustainable development efforts. Through dialogue and discussion, Emre Oruç encouraged youth from around the world to take proactive roles in achieving sustainable development goals.

Following the event, Emre Oruç expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024. He expressed hope that participants would implement the ideas and insights shared to foster positive societal change. Additionally, Emre invited youth from various countries to foster cultural understanding and collaboration, and encouraged them to apply for the Turkiye scholarship program, which opens its next application cycle in January. 

“I hope that all the youth who have come from various countries will create cultural understanding and collaboration. As the coordinator of the Turkiye Scholarship our goal is to help future leaders and we invite you to apply for the Turkiye scholarship program which is all online and free, the next application will open in January, so come and study in Turkiye with us”, he added in the interview session.

Emre Oruç’s presence as a keynote speaker at the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 exemplifies YTB’s commitment to supporting youth as agents of change in sustainable development. His contributions have enriched discussions and inspired youth to advance the vision of sustainable development.

For more information about the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024, please visit the official website at www.istanbulyouthsummit.com

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