Marisa Wiedha, the Representative of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Istanbul, Delivers an Inspirational Message as Keynote Speakers at the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024

Marisa Wiedha, serving as the Information and Socio-Cultural Coordinator of the Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) Istanbul, delivered an inspiring speech as one of the keynote speakers at the Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) 2024. The event took place at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey, bringing together 200 youth from around the world to discuss and collaborate on sustainable development.

The Istanbul Youth Summit serves as an important platform for youth from different countries to exchange ideas and create solutions to global challenges. Marisa, as the official representative of the Indonesian Consulate General in Istanbul, provided valuable insights into the role of youth in sustainable development. In her speech, Marisa emphasized the importance of cross-border collaboration and the active involvement of youth in creating innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges. She also underscored Indonesia’s significant role in leading sustainable development efforts globally.

The event was attended by hundreds of talented and accomplished youth from around the world, who found inspiration in the thoughts and ideas presented by Marisa. Her presence as a keynote speaker infused the participants with great positive energy and encouragement to take an active role in creating positive change in society. Marisa, in her remarks after the event, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to speak at IYS and hoped that the attending youth could become influential agents of change in sustainable development in the future. “The day’s discussion sessions are very relevant for today’s youth, especially for women who enjoy makeup or men who currently need sessions such as mental health discussions,” she added in an interview session with Rifka Zakiyatunnisa.

Marisa’s participation in the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 reflects Indonesia’s commitment to nurturing future leaders and facilitating global partnerships for sustainable development. “We are delighted that Ms. Marisa could attend and convey her ideas as one of the keynote speakers at the Istanbul Youth Summit. Her speech can inspire the participants to continue being passionate about self-development and serving the country,” added Aldi Subakti, chairman of Istanbul Youth Summit 2024.

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