World Youth Festival 2024 Offers Fully Funded Opportunities

In recognition of exceptional commitment to the ideals of the World Youth Festival 2024, Youth Break the Boundaries proudly announces fully funded spots for outstanding individuals.

The fully funded opportunity not only grants access to the enriching experiences of the festival. but also serves as a dynamic platform for young leaders.

Young Leaders can showcase their talent, engage with global issues, and foster meaningful connections on an international scale.

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Selection Criteria

To identify candidates for the fully funded spots, the organizers have instituted a comprehensive scoring system based on three key evaluation criteria:

Essay Writing (60%)

Participants craft essays addressing the theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with relevance, depth, and creativity.

In essay writing, the strength of arguments, level of innovation, creativity in presenting ideas, and validity of sources are meticulously evaluated.

While writing an essay participants are encouraged to delve into critical issues, propose innovative solutions, and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the SDGs theme.

Presentation of Self (20%)

How participants articulate and present themselves holds considerable importance, accounting for 20% of the score.

This presentation should be described by participants on their registration forms. This includes their background, aspirations, and achievements.

If participants can make a clear communication, authenticity, and a compelling narrative are pivotal factors in this evaluation.

Adhere to Instruction (20%)

Participants should follow the instructions, including subscribing to and engaging with the Youth Break the Boundaries platform.

Why? this showcases a level of commitment and attention to detail. Hence, 20% of the score is allocated to this effort.

Participants are expected to adhere to all terms and conditions set forth by the organizers. If participants are failure to do, it may result in a deduction of points.

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Terms and Conditions

Participants should note that all decisions regarding the selection of fully funded delegates, are made by the panelists appointed by Youth Break the Boundaries.

The panelists’ decision is final and cannot be altered. Participants are advised to carefully review, and adhere to the scoring criteria.

Participants have to follow the guidelines provided by the organizers. It is to maximize their chances of being selected as fully funded delegates.

The opportunity for fully funded participants at the World Youth Festival 2024, conclusively presents an unparalleled chance for young leaders.

The opportunities given to make their mark on the global stage. By demonstrating excellence in essay writing, presentation of self, and adherence to instructions, participants can position themselves as front-runners for this prestigious honor.

As the deadline for submissions approaches, aspiring delegates are encouraged to seize this opportunity and showcase their passion, creativity, and commitment to effecting positive change in the world.


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