Ellis Mari Bambela from Russia Named Best Leader at Japan Youth Summit 2024

Ellis Mari Bambela, one of the delegates of the Japan Youth Summit 2024 from Russia, has been recognized as the Best Leader. Ellis representing Russia, demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities throughout the summit. This inspires her team and contributing significantly to their success.

In her testimony, Ellis Mari Bambela shared,

“I think this event expanded my boundaries as a leader. It was my first-time experience leading a group, but I believe there is no best leader without the best group. I invite other youth to join the next Youth Summit hosted by YBB organization.”

Ellis Said, after being interviewed at the event (July 4th, Osaka, Japan)

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Ellis Mari Bambela’s leadership was instrumental in guiding her team towards innovative solutions and fostering collaboration among diverse perspectives. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to empowering youth exemplify the spirit of the Japan Youth Summit.

The Japan Youth Summit 2024 provided a platform for young leaders like Ellis Mari Bambela to showcase their talents, exchange ideas, and advocate for positive change in their communities and beyond.

For more information about the Japan Youth Summit and opportunities to participate in future events, please visit our official website.

About Japan Youth Summit: The Japan Youth Summit is an annual gathering that brings together young leaders and innovators from around the world to address global challenges and propose sustainable solutions. Through collaboration, mentorship, and advocacy, the summit empowers youth to make a meaningful impact on the future.

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