Projecting the Idea of Technology for Health, “Connectin9 Care” Won Second Place Best Innovation at Japan Youth Summit 2024

Japan Youth Summit 2024 is always trying to pursue every youth dream matters. One of the projects performed in the event, titled “Connectin9 Care” impressed the judges with its visionary approach to integrating technology in healthcare to improve accessibility and outcomes and has won the second place of Best Innovation through creating an innovative technology for healthcare issues.

Members of Connectin9 Care:

  1. Sheena Anne Henson Garcia
  2. Muhammad Fauzan
  3. Siti Nurluthfia Rachmi
  4. Tatjana Gerasimova
  5. Muhammad Ali Khan Jadoon
  6. Nasanjargalmaa Munkhdemberel

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Led by Sheena Anne, Group 9 presented a compelling case for the use of advanced technologies to unify and enhance healthcare services, ensuring better health outcomes for communities. Their project highlighted the importance of leveraging innovation to bridge gaps in healthcare access and deliver efficient, effective solutions.

In Sheena Anne’s own words, “My message for the youth is to continuously contribute to innovation. Your ideas are very much appreciated. And we invite you to our next event. Let’s collaborate for a better future.”

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The Japan Youth Summit 2024 provided a platform for young innovators to present their groundbreaking ideas and collaborate on solutions for pressing global issues. Group 9’s project stood out for its potential to revolutionize healthcare through technological advancements. We congratulate Sheena Anne and her team on this remarkable achievement. Their dedication and innovative thinking are truly inspiring and pave the way for future advancements in the healthcare sector.

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