Western Sydney University Research Scholarships in Australia 2024

Western Sydney University Research Scholarships provide a splendid opportunity for outstanding students to study in Australia without paying any tuition fee. This unique scholarship opportunity is released periodically and remains open at various times throughout the year. Moreover, these scholarships provide a handsome amount of stipend so that the students can focus on their research work without having any financial burden on their shoulders which could be a potential hindrance in their research.

Program eligibility:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Professional Doctorate (DCA, DCR or EdD)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Benefits of the Western Sydney University Scholarship in Australia:

  • The researchers will get an annual stipend of $31,500 (AUD) per annum for three years.
  • The stipend will be tax-free.
  • The scholarships include fee waivers for the selected candidates.
  • The selected candidates are permitted to work 10 hours a week legally.
  • Scholarship holders can get up to four weeks of annual leave per year of the award.

Scholarship Exclusions:

  • The candidates have to buy their tickets on their own and no relocation fee will be provided.
  • The health insurance of the students will not be covered.
  • No accommodation will be provided however the stipend provided is more than enough for these matters.
  • The visa processing fee will not be reimbursed.

Eligibility of the Western Sydney University Research Scholarships:

  • The scholarships are open for both domestic and international students.
  • The selected candidates must be onshore in Australia at the scholarship commencement date.
  • International students must have valid visas till the date of completion of the granted program.
  • The candidates are eligible to apply for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professional Doctorate (DCA, DCR, or EdD), and Master of Philosophy (MPhil).
  • The candidates who completed their previous qualifications outside of Australia have to provide evidence of English language proficiency.

Documents Required Western Sydney University Scholarships in Australia:

  • The candidates have to provide certified copies of all tertiary graduation certificates and academic transcripts for degrees completed outside of Western Sydney University.
  • Certified evidence of citizenship status (e.g. passport, birth certificate, citizenship papers, etc.) or certified evidence of residency status (for Australian permanent residents only) must be provided to get the scholarship.
  • The candidates have to submit evidence of English language proficiency
  • A letter of support from the applicant’s proposed supervisor must be attached.
  • The candidates have to carefully submit a research proposal that clearly identifies their area of research interest
  • The applicant has to provide a project title and project description.
  • If it is applicable then the candidate has to provide evidence of relevant employment or experience directly related to research training.

Application Deadline:

  • The last date to apply for this research scholarship is Sunday 17th September, 2023.

Apply: https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/schools/grs/scholarships/main_round_scholarships?

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