Japan Youth Summit Fully Funded Seat Winners Revealed: Check Your Email!

Excitement fills the air as the Japan Youth Summit, a beacon of empowerment for young leaders, prepares to unveil the recipients of its fully funded seats. This esteemed program, dedicated to fostering dialogue, education, and collaboration, has attracted bright minds from across Japan, all poised to ignite innovative thinking and cultivate global citizenship among youth.

After rigorous interviews, today marks the momentous occasion when the lucky recipients are revealed.

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Drumroll, please!

Congratulations to:

  1. Zhangyl Abibek – Kazakhstan
  2. Tran Ngoc Ahn – Vietnam
  3. Sheena Anne Henson – Philippines
  4. Mostafa Kassar Elkassar – Egypt

Your wait is over! We urge you to promptly check both your inbox and spam folder for comprehensive details on this incredible opportunity.

As we celebrate the unveiling of these fortunate individuals, let us anticipate the remarkable contributions they will make to the Japan Youth Summit and beyond.

To continue your claim about this fully funded seat, please do read your inbox carefully. You will be informed about what are the next step that you have to do to be the confirmed fully funded delegate of Japan Youth Summit 2024.


See you all in Japan and proceed for your ideas more in person, we are rooting for you!

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