Realizing a Vision of Sustainability with Young Leaders at Japan Youth Summit

Osaka, Japan – The Japan Youth Summit 2024, a grand gathering attended by over 100 young leaders from 28 countries. The event officially kicked off on July 1, 2024, at the Osaka Castle Hotel.

The event will continue until July 4, 2024, at the hotel located near the iconic Osaka Castle and overlooking the Yodo River.

The event’s chairman, Aldi Subakti, delivered an inspiring opening speech. “It is an honor to stand before you today as we gather to shape a brighter future.

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The Summit Supports Toward Sustainability

This summit is a testament to our collective commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the empowerment of young minds,” he stated.

Aldi Subakti emphasized the importance of sustainability in his speech, highlighting the vital role that young people play in creating positive change.

“We carry forward the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and unity. Together, we are the change-makers, the visionaries, and the leaders. We will transform our world and ensure a sustainable future for all.” Aldi stated

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Platform for Young Leaders to Share Their Ideas towards Sustainability

The Japan Youth Summit 2024 serves not only as a platform for young leaders, but to share ideas and inspiration. Also the summit is about a venue for international collaboration.

The support of sustainability goals in this summit, as well as its strategic location and inspiring atmosphere. This can make participants encouraged to seize this opportunity to expand their networks and develop their skills.

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Excitement to Welcome Next Year’s Event

“We are very excited to see the innovative ideas and creative solutions that will emerge from this gathering. Thank you, and see you next year!” Aldi Subakti concluded his speech, met with enthusiastic applause from the hundreds of young people in attendance.

The Japan Youth Summit 2024 reaffirms a commitment to a better future through sustainability and innovation.

With the active support and participation of young leaders from around the world, this event is expected to have a lasting positive impact on the global future.

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