Arum Widya Represents Indonesia at Japan Youth Summit 2024 and Won Best Leader

Representing Indonesia at the Japan Youth Summit 2024, Arum has successfully been awarded the title of Best Leader at the Japan Youth Summit 2024.

Arum’s exceptional leadership skills and dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration have earned her this prestigious recognition.

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In her message, Arum Widya expressed her appreciation for the event, stating,

“I appreciate this event because it provides a platform where we can share many great ideas and innovate around the world. I hope that in the future, we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through the ideas we have shared in this event.”

Said Arum, when being interviewed at the Japan Youth Summit 2024

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Arum Widya’s leadership was instrumental in guiding her team towards innovative solutions and advocating for sustainable development goals.

Her commitment to creating positive change. It also inspires fellow youth to contribute to global initiatives exemplifies the spirit of the Japan Youth Summit.

The Japan Youth Summit 2024 serves as a catalyst for young leaders like Arum Widya to amplify their voices, drive meaningful discussions, and propose actionable solutions to global challenges.

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