“Equal Opportunities” Project Focusing on Education Won Best Innovation at Japan Youth Summit 2024

Japan Youth Summit 2024 successfully awarded Best Innovation project on the first event held in Osaka, Japan. Each one of the delegates formed groups to performed social project.

The project, titled “Innovation in Education: Equal Opportunities,” was recognized for its groundbreaking approach to creating equal educational opportunities through innovative solutions.

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Members of the Best Innovation Project in Japan Youth Summit 2024 :

  1. Muhammad Rigel Alhuda
  2. Adella Zamiel Arifin
  3. Mubina Arslanova
  4. Munkh-Uyanga Enkhbaatar
  5. Hawa Anak Ringkai
  6. Ronald Michael Brookie-Betham
  7. Malikova Assem

Led by Hawa Anak Ringkai from Malaysia, Group 4 developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure equal access to quality education for all students, regardless of their background.

Their proposal included the use of digital technologies to bridge educational gaps, personalized learning plans to cater to individual needs, and community-driven initiatives to support underprivileged students.

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In Hawa’s own words, “We just now received the best innovation award, the first place, and I still cannot believe that we got it. This event is really a good platform for us to voice out our innovation ideas, and for me, this is just the start of my innovation program. And don’t forget to join the next event of YBB.”

The Japan Youth Summit 2024 provided a platform for young innovators. They have to present their ideas and collaborate on solutions for pressing global issues. Group 4’s project stood out for its vision, creativity, and potential impact on the future of education.

We congratulate Hawa and her team on this outstanding achievement. Their work exemplifies the power of innovation. This might as well grow them in transforming education and creating equal opportunities for all.

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