Digital Youth Summit 2020



25 September 2015 at the Headquarters of the United Nations (UN), world leaders officially endorsed the Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030) as a global development agreement. The SDG’s, which contains 17 Goals and 169 Targets, is a global action plan for the next 15 years (in effect from 2016 to 2030), to end poverty, reduce inequality and protect the environment. SDGs apply to all countries (universal), so that all countries without exception developed countries have a moral obligation to achieve the SDGs Goals and Targets.

Digital Youth Summit 2020 is the first digital summit activity initiated by the Youth Break the Boundaries (YBB) Foundation. The goal is to use digital platform to build a future youth leadership spirit around the world, by providing a moral approach based on the 2030 sustainable development goals and also motivating youth to understand their important role in this SDGs program.

YBB is a foundation that focuses on all instruments regarding development & empowerment of youth to prepare excellent future leaders by promoting strong identity and character and also noble values for the youth.

In order to realize the concession in building youth character, YBB continues to create various innovations in youth activities. The programs initiated by YBB were Youth Education and Entrepreneur Summit (YEES) September 2017, Youth Culture and Educational Summit (YCEE) January 2019, and Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) January 2020 which successfully held in Istanbul, Turkey. Also International Youth Leader and Entrepreneurship Summit (IYLES) August 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. YBB will also be holding the Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) 2021 which is located in Istanbul soon.

Digital Youth Summit 2020 will be the first digital summit held by Youth Break the Boundaries. In responding towards global pandemic, Youth Break the Boundaries is taking an adaptive response to create Digital Youth Summit in ensuring an international collaboration for the youth. Nowadays, most interactions is done digitally but that should not be a boundaries for youths to still collaborate and contribute towards the implementation of 2030 Sustainable Developmental Goals.

The focus of Digital Youth Summit program is to provide understanding to young people around the world about problems and issues that occur around the world as well as the importance of youth to take action that can provide the best solution to overcome to these problems. It is undeniable that at this time the youth will lead a strategic position in the nation and the world so that through this program we will learn more about the importance of this position. The main issue will discuss regarding the collaboration of youth to achieve Sustainable Developmental Goals. The digital summit will hold panel session with speakers, and then continues with discussions to provide young generations the chance to collaborate and challenge their critical thinking and problem solving analysis. The event will discuss 3 Sub-Topics surrounding SDG’s 4 of Quality Education, SDG’s 5 of Gender Equality, and SDG’s 17 on Partnership for the Goals.

It is highly expected that the delegates of Digital Youth Summit can get the maximum benefit from this program. Not only a matter of knowledge and experience but also expand the network of delegates and generate new enthusiasm and motivation by being in an inspiring and creative international youth community. So that the main objectives of this program can be truly achieved and can be an instrument to build the nation’s progress and help achieve the goals and targets of the SDGs 2030.


Event Objective:

  1. Providing digital platform for young generations to learn, collaborate, contribute and practice their critical thinking analysis and problem solving propensity.
  2. Providing young gennerations the chance to learn and raise more awareness regarding the implementation of Sustainable Developmental Goals.
  3. Providing a sense of international collaborativity within youth in responding to a global pandemic through the creation of Digital Summit.
  4. Sharpen up the spirit of talented youth leaders in government, education, business, community and academic.
  5. Building the character of youth leadership through an online event.
  6. Build the exsistence of the youth in the international forum.
  7. Train leadership skill of youth who is actively contributing to developing the country.
  8. Train youth to be able to think critically and systematically and efficiently in overcoming a problem


Digital Youth Summit Event Sub-Topics:

  1. SDG’s 4 on Quality Education: 
    The future of our education system: What factors contributes to quality education? What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong?

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty. Over the past decade, major progress was made towards increasing access to education and school enrollment rates at all levels, particularly for girls. Nevertheless, about 260 million children were still out of school in 2018 — nearly one fifth of the global population in that age group. And more than half of all children and adolescents worldwide are not meeting minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics. 

The goal to create a Quality Education for all becomes vital. The topics will surrounds the discussion of the future of our education systems and how to realize it including to also discuss what factors that are the main contributors to quality of education. In short, it is to compare between present and what can be done for future of education. Digital Youth Summit encourages youth all over the world not only to became aware of the problem but also assess and practice their critical thinking propensity in working collaboratively with another youths in developing a solution towards a better Quality Education for all.

  1. SDG’s 5 on Gender Equality:
    Contribution towards eradicating gender bias in workplace and communities.

    Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. There has been progressover the last decades: More girls are going to school, fewer girls are forced into early marriage, more women are serving in parliament and positions of leadership, and laws are being reformed to advance gender equality. Despite these gains, many challenges remain: discriminatory laws and social norms remain pervasive, women continue to be underrepresented at all levels of political leadership.

Gender bias are a recurring issue in workplace and communities. The topic will surrounds the need for a real world contribution towards eradicating the stigma surrounding gender bias. Digital Youth Summit encourage youths all over the world to not only became aware of the issue but also practice their critical thinking propensity in working collaboratively with another youths in developing a real world solution towards a better Gender Equality for all and support the Sustainable Developmental Goals 2030 Agenda.

  1. SDG’s 17 on Partnership for the Goals:
    How youth can contribute towards international collaboration and partnerships?

The SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation. A successful development agenda requires inclusive partnerships — at the global, regional, national and local levels — built upon principles and values, and upon a shared vision and shared goals placing people and the planet at the centre.

Collaboration here is highlighted to be one of the main preconditions for successful SDG’s implementation. The topic will explore the implication of what can be done as a youth to increase international collaboration and the role of youth in making international collaboration and partnerships happen. Youth itself are a very important group of demographic to bring about real world changes. Digital Youth Summit 2020 is encouraging youths all over the world not only to raise awareness but also practice their critical thinking propensity in developing a real world solution towards a better international collaboration within youth.

Digital Youth Summit Agenda:

 Place & Time Implementation

Place: ZOOM Meeting Day

Date: 11 – 12 December 2020

Time: 13.30 WIB / 1.30 PM (GMT+7) – Done