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Welcome Applicants!

Before you continue to fill out this form, there are three steps that you have to do:

  1. Every applicant required to make a twibbon. You can download on this link (CANTUMKAN LINK). Then, upload your twibbon on Instagram or Facebook with caption about “What is your dream about Indonesian Gold Generation 2045 (if you’re Indonesian) and What is your dream about the world peace in 2045”, tag 9 friends and our instagram account @istanbulyouthsummit with hashtag #YBB #istanbulyouthsummit #infobeasiswa #beasiswa #scholarship #conference #turkey #indonesia #istanbul #summit #exchangeprogram.

Don’t forget to screenshot your twibbon on instagram or facebook, because you are required to upload the screenshot in the form.

  1. Share this publication program to minimum 10 social media groups. Share of publications can be done by: WHATSAPP Click link (cantumkan link) => click the three dots in the top right corner => Click “Share in WhatsApp/Bagikan di Whatsapp” => Share to minimum 10 WhatsApp Grups.

NOTE: Don’t forget to screenshot the broadcast in whatsapp groups.

  1. Then you are required to make payment for commitment fee Rp 125.000 (for Indonesian applicants) and USD 10 (for foreigner applicants), to bank account:

                             Bank Name                            : BCA (Bank Central Asia)

                             Account Number                 : 0373274442

                            Account Owner Name          : Hopyan Nazakki

This payment is important for finish the form because you are required to upload the proof of payment in the end of this form.

After you are done with all instructions, now you can fill out this form here

Good Luck!