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ICP Scholarships Program in Belgium 2021


The ICP “Master of Transportation Sciences – Road Safety in Low & Middle Income Countries” offers a 2-year multidisciplinary master programme with a unique focus and approach to Road Safety in Developing Countries. The programme is supported by VLIR UOS and has 12 scholarships available each year.

Students are trained to identify transportation and road safety issues in order to create innovative solutions by using an integrative approach based on three pillars: the individual (dealing with the human behaviour in traffic and how to influence it e.g. intentional and unintentional riskful behaviour such as drunk driving or cognitive impairments), the environment (e.g. creating self-explaining roads and infrastructure that minimizes crash impact) and the society (e.g. societal norms and translation into policy and enforcement measures). Road safety in this programme is approached as a cross-border field, incorporating elements of psychology, economy, urban planning, environmental studies, engineering and more. 


Monthly allowance: € 1150/month (for cost of meals, transport, personal expenses and accommodation)

1- time payment for indirect travel costs: € 150

1- time payment for logistical allowance: € 850

Insurance, international travel and tuition fee


You can only apply for a scholarship if you meet all VLIR-UOS scholarship criteria:

For example:

Nationality and country of residence:

Be a national and resident of one of the below 31 countries:

Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea, Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Niger

Asia: Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories, Vietnam

Latin America: Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru


The maximum age for a master programme scholarship is 35 (on 1st January 2021).


1st February 2021



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