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Istanbul Youth Summit Influencers Program 2022

Young people have a huge responsibility to make a change in the world. And the best way to do right now is to inspire those around you to participate and put all of their strength, passion, and patience into reaching for the stars through the Istanbul Youth Summit 2022.

Open Registration : 10-19 July 2021

As agent of change, we are looking for youth who meet the following criteria:
• Active students without minimum semester between the ages of 17 and 28
• Have a social media, TikTok (on the condition that you know how to create educationalvideos) and Instagram (at least 1000 followers)
• Involved or have experience in organizations (on or off-campus)
• Have a large undergraduate students network
• Strong commitment, ambition, and eagerness to be IYS Influencers

To join us with the benefits:
• A large national & worldwide network of IYS collaborators
• Free access to all YBB’s webinar & exclusive mentoring about content marketing
• Greater chance to become a volunteer / intern at IYS for the best performance
• LinkedIn recommendation & E-Certificate
• Exclusive rewards from Istanbul Youth Summit; get a chance to fly to Turkey for FREE 

For those of you who meet the above criteria and have a desire to fly to Turkey for FREE,
Come on! Join us on Istanbul Youth Summit Influencers. Because change begins with you.

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