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Roberto Franceschi Research Grants in Italy 2021


Fondazione Roberto Franceschi Onlus promotes scientific research in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of social pathologies and forms of social exclusion. For this purpose, each year the Foundation establishes a research funding programme named “Roberto Franceschi”, aimed at students of Master of Science and Phd programmes. For the year 2020 the programme is regulated by the present announcement.


The grantee is receiving a scholarship and/or research grant at the time of application (for example, Doctoral scholarships). In this case, the amount allocated to finance the data collection is transferred by the Foundation to the institution where the grantee carries out their research.

Fondazione Roberto Franceschi Onlus has made available the sum of 16,000 Euros (before taxes), which can be assigned to one or more research grants.


  • applicant’s curriculum vitae;
  • a motivation letter detailing applicant’s reasons for applying, with reference to their future career plans;
  • a detailed research project describing the current knowledge of the research area investigated, the contribution to the existing literature, the nature of the data to be collected, the intended use of the data, a budget of the foreseen expenses so as to justify the requested amount;
  • a summary of the research project, prepared following the structure of the form attached to this announcement;
  • a reference letter from applicant’s PhD supervisor or Master’s thesis supervisor;
  • a signed statement in which the applicant either declares that they are not receiving other research grants or scholarships during the same period in which
  • the “Roberto Franceschi” grant is paid or specifies the type of funding received, its expiration date and the institution providing it.


15th December 2020



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