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Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship


The Biodesign Innovation Fellowship is a 10-month experience that equips aspiring innovators with a proven, repeatable process to identify important healthcare needs, invent novel health technologies to address them, and prepare to implement those products into patient care through start-up, corporate channels, or other channels. In addition, the Innovation Fellows become part of the Stanford Biodesign community; which is a life-long, worldwide network of innovators passionate about improving healthcare.

Stanford Biodesign Fellows become members of the Stanford Biodesign team at the James H. Clark Center on the Stanford University campus. Clinical immersion is completed at Stanford Health Care, as well as a variety of other settings across the continuum of care.


The Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship is a launchpad for initiating, redirecting, or accelerating a career in health technology innovation. Stanford Biodesign graduates apply their talents to:

  • Catalyzing innovation inside major health technology companies.
  • Building their own health technology start-ups.
  • Teaching and/or leading translational research programs for world-class universities.
  • Driving innovation initiatives within academic or private medical centers.
  • Becoming specialists in design, investing, or other aspects of the health technology innovation ecosystem.


Individuals with advanced degrees and/or substantial work experience in the engineering, science, computer science, business, product design, law, medical, or nursing fields are encouraged to apply. The selection of fellows will be according to their experience, passion, and drive, as well as their potential to become leading innovators in the health tech field. Applicants are welcome from any country.


14th August 2020


  • Fill out all online application forms completely.
  • Upload supporting materials (see details below).
  • Designate three people to submit recommendations on your behalf (name, title, institution, phone, email, relationship, and a personal note from you requesting a reference); ideally, one letter should be from your most recent program director or manager.
  • Pay the $95 non-refundable application fee and submit your application once all materials have been uploaded and you have verified that the information is correct.
  • Provide us with a link to your video supplement.



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